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E-mail:   andy@solaneers.co.za

Cell:       +27 (079) 311 - 0502

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Solaneers plumbing partners are in business since 1947.  Solaneers been one of the leading commercial and residential plumbing companies.  We are committed in providing you with superior service and good quality products.

General Plumbing Maintenance:

  1. Sewer Pump Stations
  2. Factory and Domestic Maintenance
  3. Fire System
  4. Pumped Water System

High Rise Buildings:

The upgrading of water and fire system due to the ever-changing requirements. We have the capacity of fitting and installing the requirements necessary to get a compliance certificate for fire and water systems.

Sewer Blockages:

We are geared up to clear and inspect sewer and storm water drains. We have a small and big high pressure jetting machine.  We have an internal pipe camera which inspects the integrity of the pipes in the ground.

Coring of Holes:

We have the capacity of coring holes in concrete and bricks to 400mm diameter.

Leak Detection:

We have two methods to detect water leaks:

1.  Audio

2.  Gas Detection

Solar Hot Water Solutions:

We installed many Solar Hot Water Systems and have the dealership of Solahart systems.

Water Harvesting:

The company have installed numerous systems which are customize for  each application..

HDPE Pipe Installations:

This system includes the following:

1.  Butt Welding

2.  Fusion Welding

3.  Electro Fusion Welding

PVC Fabrication:

We do limited fabrications on up to 160mm pipes.

Please feel free to contact us:


E-mail:   andy@solaneers.co.za

Cell:       +27 (079) 311 - 0502

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