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Solaneers Specialised in Lighting and Earth Protection That Includes The Following:

  1. Specialised Services
  2. Ancillary Services

Specialised Services

  1. Lightning Protection
  2. Earthing
  3. Surge Protection
  4. Consulting & Design
  5. Soil Resistively Surveys
  6. Earth Resistance Testing
  7. Risk Assessments
  8. Maintenance and Compliance
  9. Earth Grid Design
  10. Plant-wide Audits

Ancillary Services

  1. Underground Services Detection
  2. Excavation Services
  3. Earth Core Drilling

Consulting & Design

  1. Solaneers will advise the client on the correct installation for their requirements, for Lightning Protection & Earthing, as follows:

  1. Each installation has its own inherent requirements, such as hazardous areas, sophisticated electronic process control, and many other factors, such as local lightning conditions, corrosiveness of ground and etc.

To this end each installation is designed specifically to actual requirements of the structure(s) and contents, using the relevant codes of practise as a guideline, adapted to suit each undertaking, as a result of an in depth evaluation of the structures and contents, to ascertain the level of protection required.

Ensuring that any design submitted will comply with IEC 62305 Suite of Documents, a computer module is employed taking cognisance of all aspects of the structure, its contents, purpose, and geographical location including environmental concerns

  1. Our designs include the Step & Touch Potentials Calculations for Substations and a PR.ENG Signature and Indemnity is available on request.


Consulting & Design
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