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Case Study - Integra Softstarter

Integra - Chiller Compresors

Project:  International Hotel Chain’s Chiller Service

Chiller compressors can benefit from Integra in a number of ways;  The Softstart function will reduce both the mechanical strain and current drawn by the compressor.  The reduction in starting current will not only reduce the possibility of peak demand penalties but also increase the motor's life.  The optimisation function will reduce the running cost of the compressor as well as reduce the heat generated by the motor.  This heat reduction is significant in that the motor will have less of a heating effect on the refrigerators coolant hence the compressor will run for a shorter period of time.  

Integra was piloted on the Chiller Compressors at one of the Australian locations of an international hotel chain. This project was carried out on a 220kW Trane Chiller  with four 55kW compressors. Trane engineers themselves disengaged two compressors and re-set the remaining two to run concurrently. A Integra unit and a three  phase energy analyser were installed on one of the remaining 55kW compressors and a three phase energy analyser only to the other; thus enabling the capturing of the  running characteristics of two identical compressors under the same load conditions on a “With” and “Without” Integra scenario.

A Simple Illustration Baed on Actual Measurements of The Effect Of In Operation on A Chiller Compressor

The Chiller compressor “with Integra” demonstrated greatly reduced loading at these same times.

Case Study Savings (Per Integra Unit)

KWh Savings     10%

KVar Savings     16%

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