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Imergy Series :  ESP250 (Large Scale Energy Storage Platform)

Cost-effective energy storage for large scale stationary applications.  The Energy Storage Platform (ESP) enables dramatic improvements in the operating cost and reliability of electricity for telecommunications, microgrids and other critical applications.

Imergy Power Systems’ versatile energy storage solutions will reduce your energy cost and provide you with better poser quality, reliability and resilience.  This turnkey energy storage solution is inherently scalable with available powers ranging from kilowatts to multiple megawatts and, independently, with available energy ranging from two to twelve hours output duration.  Imergy’s solutions integrate seamlessly with intermittent renewable power sources in applications ranging from grid-connected commercial buildings, to islanding smart microgrids, to utility-scale solar and wind, and enable multiple benefits such as demand cost reduction, shifting peak generation to match peak load, and operation regardless of grid failure.  Our disruptive patented technology, with long life and unlimited charge-discharge cycle capability, puts the power in your hands.

Key Features:

  1. Turnkey Solution in Secured Weatherproof Enclosure
  2. Safe:  Non-flammable, Non-explosive
  3. Modular and Scalable; Ability to Independently Size Power and Energy
  4. Unlimited Cycles; (Partial, Full, at any DOD)
  5. 100% Performance t all Temperatures
  6. Long Life and Lowest LCOE of all Battery Storage Systems
  7. Power Security (System Can Operate in Full Island Mode)
  8. Power Quality (Fast Response Time for Seamless Power Source Transitions, Load Transients, PV Firming)
  9. Smart Grid Ready monitoring and Communication
  10. Low Maintenance
  11. Cradle to Cradle; Recyclable / Reusable
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