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Solaneers electrical partners are in business since 2004.  Solaneers work closely with clients to obtain the best understanding of how they want the job done.  We are committed in providing you with superior service and good quality products.

We Specialize in:

  1. Suppliers of Domestic and Industrial Electrical Products
  2. Power Factor Correction
  3. Gas Installation
  4. Electrical Installation

Power Factor Correction:

As the cost of electricity is constantly on the rise we are all looking for ways to keep these costs to a minimum. One of the methods you can use to achieve this is by investing in the correction of your property's Power Factor.

What Is Power Factor?

Power Factor is a measure of how electrical power is consumed. In the ideal world Power Factor would be 1. Unfortunately in the real world Power Factor is reduced by highly inductive loads to 0.7 or less. This induction is caused by equipment such as lightly loaded electric motors, fluorescent lighting ballasts and welding sets.

Benefits of Power Factor Correction:

  1. Power Consumption Reduced
  2. Electricity Bills Reduced
  3. Electrical energy efficiency improved
  4. Extra kVA availability from the existing supply
  5. Transformer and distribution equipment losses reduced
  6. Voltage drop reductions in long cables

Domestic and Industrial Electrical Products:

1.   PVC Cables and Wires

2.   Circuit Breakers

3.   Distribution Boards

4.   Plugs

5.   Switches

6.   Lightning Products

7.   Conduit

8.   PVC Products

Gas Installation

We strive to give the best service and best installation possible. All our installation teams are certified to provide you with the best service that Johannesburg has to offer. Your safety is of the utmost importance to us, that's why we follow strict regulations and standards throughout the installation process. Once we have completed your installation, you will receive a Certificate of Compliance. We can also do conversions for your home and business. We save you money through converting your electrical equipment to gas.

Installation and Connection of Gas Appliances (Domestic and Commercial LP Gas Installations)

With our experienced customer care services we will provide you with the best advice on which products will best suit your personal specifications.

This Includes, But Is Not Limited To The Following:

  1. Gas Stoves
  2. Hobs
  3. Water Heaters
  4. Fireplaces
  5. Braai’s
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Integra Softstarter

Integra is one of the finest soft-starters in the world with a wide range of adjustable features that allow you to start even the most awkward load with

ease. Fully adjustable ramp times from 0-255 seconds give you ultimate flexibility. For high inertia loads Current limit will provide you with a reduced

current start. A kick start facility will help you to get things moving on loads with high static friction.

  1. Significantly increasing the life of your contractors & drive train components
  2. Preventing dips in supply when starting larger motors
  3. Allowing you to attach more equipment to a single supply
  4. Allowing you to switch your motors on and off at any time because of reduced start current
  5. Reducing the worrying threat of peak demand penalties when starting

Integra will quietly work on your behalf to …

  1. Ensure that your motors only consume the energy that they require
  2. Switch your motors off automatically when they are not needed
  3. Significantly reduce your energy bills
  4. Protect the motors from excess heat and vibration
  5. Reduce levels of unscheduled breakdowns
Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us:


E-mail:   andy@solaneers.co.za

Cell:       +27 (079) 311 - 0502